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Rules for having sex with an insecure man

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Let’s face it, sex is one of the most complicated things between two people. Men are always expected to be confident in bed, and most of them talk a good game. The sad truth is the majority of men are very insecure about their sex prowess. From their penis size, how they look to how long they last. Men have a lot of things they are worried about when it comes to sex. So ladies, here are a few tips on how to make sex a better experience for your insecure man. And this is to your benefit, because if he feels confident, those multiple orgasms are assured for you!

Before sex

Never reveal how many other guys you have slept with

One of the biggest things men possess are their egos. I do not care how much of a fuck boy he seems, his ego will be bruised if he thinks you have had more than enough sexual partners. The right number varies from person to person but one that seems too high can be a mood killer. When having sex with a woman who has seen her fair share of dicks, a lot goes through your mind. How do I fare with her biggest experience? How many made her come? Am I doing it right? Do I know enough sex positions to impress her? Did I last long enough?

So yeah, avoid letting him know if you feel you have had one too many. And remember, absolute honesty isn’t always the most diplomatic nor the safest form of communication with emotional beings.

Initiate, then let him take control

Some guys are afraid about their women actually wanting sex. It is super awkward to feel your girl is just letting you hit so that you curb your urge. Initiating sex is one of the most nerve wrecking things for an insecure man. So help him out, with subtle hints make him know you want it. When he gets it, let him take control and feel like he owns that pussy.

During sex

Know how to react

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction! A powerful law of physics that applies to sex as well. Try as much as you can to compliment his actions. If he gives you head, make an effort to give head as well. When he thrusts it deep into you, give him the facial expression that says “your penis just touched the tip of my uterus” Roll your eyes like you are lost in pleasure as he enters you when in missionary. My personal favourite is how one ex-girlfriend would turn her head and whisper “I love you” as I pounded her doggy style.

Try not to act like you know too much

Unless you are having a one night stand and you want to get your time’s worth, never act like you know too much. A lot of men like being perceived as the lead and taking this away from him may bruise his ego. If there is a sex position you like, suggest it and let him lead in initiating. If you feel he is not attacking a certain angle right, subtle actions instead of a full on verbal assault will be best. This does not apply if he likes being dominated though!

Say the right things and make the right sounds, at the right time

This is probably one of the most important things. No man wants to feel like he is slaving away with no result. So the right words and the right sounds are very important. Like for instance, the sound you make when he first makes contact with your vagina is important. Whether his lips are touching it for the first time or he is entering for the first time. Let out a little moan to show your approval, and he may just think his penis is doing enough to be felt.

After sex

Hold onto him after sex

Any man who tells you he hates cuddling is lying! Many men perceive cuddling as being liked by women, but they low key like it too! Hold onto him after he is done, this will make him feel like he did a good job with you. And who knows, he might just give it to you again!

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