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I like it when she texts me first

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I never ghost anybody. I could never even if I wanted to. I just love being on my phone. And I love talking to my girl. I can never stop. I really love the long hours on the phone, but because of life we can never be on the phone all the time.

But I like it when we text, because I can steal glances at my phone every now and then. We talk about everything. We talk about anything. We share memes. We share nudes. She teases every time I try to get serious, but I seldom succeed. And I love it. But you know what I love the most? When she texts me first!

What a feeling!

She thinks of me! Nothing feels better than knowing every time I pace about missing her, I am actually walking all over her thoughts. I like it that when she sees something funny on Facebook I am the first person she shares it with. I love it that when her boss pisses her off, she thinks of telling me first. I love it when she texts me first.

When she texts me, I am actually happy to hear from her. Not that when I talk to her it isn’t just to kill time because I’m bored.

It is something so little, yet it means so much.

I hate the girls who wake up and watch their phone. Waiting for their BFs to wake up then send them a good morning text. My girl understands me; she texts me even when she is up at 2 AM. I hate the girls who wait for their BFs to send them phone credit so they can talk to them. I love my girl because when I am broke; she buys me phone credit to make sure we keep texting.

I live for emojis. Especially the heart emojis. And the kiss emojis. My girl sends me those. When we have nothing to say, we use emojis to express how we feel. I normally don’t have time to take pictures of my food. But I have to make my girl jealous. And also remind her how much I miss her cooking when I make a horrible meal.

She knows I do not think she is desperate when she texts first. she knows I do not find it sexy for her to feign disinterest and wait till I text her. She has no time for games, if she wants to let me know how she feels at any time, she will do just that. She does not heed the misleading advice of dating blogs and magazine columns. She does what shoots straight to her head. She knows what she wants, and she cannot be messed with!

I love her because of this. She does not pretend she has other options. And the day she stops texting me, I will know she is texting someone else. I love it because she does not give me headaches, I love her even more because she texts me first.

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