I fucked my friend’s Ex

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Guy code? Do I have guy code? Well fuck guy code! But no, not really. I believe in guy code. This time it was different. Circumstances. Guy code states you cannot fuck your friend’s ex-girlfriend. But I had to! I needed to. It was a matter of national security!

It is not my friend’s fault in this case. So I do owe him an apology! I think I will buy him an expensive bottle of cognac as an apology. Only that he won’t know it is an apology.

Background story to the fucking

So my friend and I, were dating two friends. It was perfect! We never had problems. We all knew each other and life was good. But as any pair of female friends, our girls had cat fights every now and then. But this never affected us the boys. Until one time though.

It happened that my friend’s girl hooked me up with her bestie. So I was her best friend’s friend before I was her boyfriend. Get it? And we happened to send dirty messages before my girl and I dated. But we never fooled around after I started dating her friend. And this was before she started dating my friend (had to mention that).

So this one day both the girls got drunk and had one of their usual cat fights. Only this time I was the subject. The bestie told my girl she could fuck me if she wanted because she is the one who introduced us. She then went on to admit that we once sexted, but I am sure she forgot to mention before she hooked us up. All hell broke loose. My girl called a kangaroo court with all the 4 of us. Needless to say both couples broke up. The girls never spoke to one another again. And well us? We guys have a mantra. Plenty of fish in the sea right. We were good.

We were friends before

My friend’s girl and I had been friends before. So we saw no reason to stop being friends because of my bitchy ex right. Funny enough we kept our friendship post break up low key. We were not built for drama, or so we believed. But it was still the same, hanging out and having plutonic fun. Just without the other two people now. It was all good, until one fateful day.

The fucking

It was supposed to be the usual chill. We lived close by and it was never a hustle. I got a 6 pack of beer and a large pizza. I dropped off by her apartment and we walked back to mine. It was simple hey. All we were going to do was have beer, eat pizza and watch a TV show. Then I was to walk her back to her apartment. Nothing wrong with that right? Besides, we had done it plenty of times before. The night got windy and I had no heating in my apartment so we jumped into the blankets. I casually put my arm around her shoulder and let her head rest on my shoulder as we watched pretty little liars from the laptop. I realised she was not wearing a bra and I started playing with her boobs. Softness. They had me!

I moved the laptop from the bed and placed it on the floor. I lifted her shirt and started kissing her boobs. I played with her nipples using my tongue and she flinched. She pushed me away for a second.

“You’re not drunk are you?” she asked.

“Come on, I’m not drunk” I said confidently.

“And then?” she asked, with a semi-serious look on her face.

“I broke up with my girl because of this, and you broke up with your man. We might as well”

She digested what I said for a little while.

“Get on with before I change my mind” she said pulling me towards her face.

Her lips were soft, the stuff of legends. I lowered her back from the wall until her whole body was on the bed. I gently lifted her and took her shirt off. Her breasts were plump and soft. I nibbled on her nipples and kissed her all the way down to her belly button. I kissed her tummy as I undid her jeans. I pulled them down in one swoop with her panties and left her completely naked. I took off my shirt and went back to her breasts. Gently sucking one while I rubbed the other nipple with my open palm. I kept going up and down between her lips and her breasts. With her legs wide open so I could feel her pussy on my stomach.

I took the middle and index finger of my right hand and put them in her mouth. She obliged by wetting them and I arched myself to expose her vagina. I rubbed the pussy lips gently and every now and then moved to rub the clit. Each time I touched her clit, she would sway her hips toward me and let out a moan of approval. I kissed her neck and suckled on her ear lobes. I lifted myself up and allowed her to take my shorts off. She pulled them down with her right foot. I carefully put my erect penis on her vagina, making sure it rubbed against and did not go inside. I then went back onto her breasts. Man her breasts drove me crazy! I brought her breasts together with my hands and suckled on both her nipples at the same time. She was crazily moving her hips trying to get my penis in.

“Please!” she muttered beneath her fading breath as she held my penis to try and put it in. I flinched and arched my back to stop from entering. I held my penis and started rubbing my head onto her vagina. I put in the head and felt her soul leave her body. I quickly withdrew and lowered my head to her vagina. As my lips touched her pussy lips I felt her thighs quaver. I sucked on her pussy and stuck out my tongue and played with her clitoris. She held my head firmly and pushed her waist against my face. I went down on her for a few minutes and when I lifted my head I found her almost in tears.

“Please!” she begged again. I gave her a peck on the lips and slid it in. I had condoms under my pillows but somehow I could not keep this wet pussy waiting any longer. She moaned as I went in and held my butt cheeks. I felt her heavy breathing as my face touched hers. After a few strokes she crossed her legs over me. I pushed in sideways and she said my name. Gosh! I felt weakness surge through my body as I came. She held me tight and felt that good coming. I tried to thrust once more but her grip was tight. I felt warmth all over my tummy. Gosh, she was a squitter!

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